Retail Labeling Solutions

Labels and tags are an important part of any retail business, and SATO has been helping the retail community improve processes and increase sales for decades. We have solutions for all of your labeling needs, including the applications listed below.

  • Product Labeling
    Products can be labeled at any point in the supply chain, and SATO offers the best printers and labels for every scenario.
  • Price Adjustments
    Smart retailers strategically change the prices of their merchandise to move product and maximize profits.SATO helps make the process of changing prices easy and fast.
  • Shelf Edge Labeling Solution
    By eliminating the need to manually cut and sort temporary shelf edge labels, retailers can save costs while improving their ability to get the labels on the shelf on time.
  • Hang Tags
    SATO offers printing solutions for tags that can be attached to apparel and other items.
  • Expiration Date Marking
    Retailers who sell items that expire know the importance of accurately documenting and communicating those expiration dates. Let SATO help you automate this process and increase expiry accuracy.
  • Queue Busting
    Long checkout lines mean lower customer satisfaction. SATO has solutions to make retail customers feel important and get them on their way.
  • e-commerce
    Every product sold via the internet requires various documents and labels be printed. SATO can help simplify the print, pack and shipping of products, make returns easier, and improve your inventory processes and customers’ satisfaction.
  • Retail Shrink Management
    Tag and label switching, counterfeit and lost tags, retail shrink costs retailers over $37 billion dollars annually1. SATO will partner with you to create solutions that fight shrink through a variety of methods.
  • Retail Customer Service
    Designed to improve the customer experience, SATO tags and labels provide a simple means to build customer loyalty. Additionally, as low-cost solutions to expensive problems, our retail customers find the ROI speaks for itself.

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1"Dr. Hollinger Shares Preliminary Findings from the NRSS". Published June 14, 2011.